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Works on all modern phones with GPS, and supporting Nextel, Boost, had been already long obsessed with developing Java-based cellphone applications, .
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Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The reasons are clearly explained above.

Tracking With Native Android Features

When the phone is switched off, or the battery is dead, there is no way it can emit signals. So it makes all sense to be safe now than sorry later. If you own any smartphone, be it an Android device or an iPhone or a Windows phone or even a Blackberry, install one of the apps we are going to discuss below to help you keep track of your mobile phone at all times. And with the right software, one can even have free GPS phone tracking. You should not confuse Phone Tracking with Phone Spying.

Mologogo: a free application for GPS enabled cell phones

We have a detailed article on Spy Apps for your iPhone and Android smartphones with record player on DM blog which will also let you track the location of phones you are spying on, but it has a much wider use case. The iTunes app store is rich with millions of apps, and that really helps while tracking phones too. Do check it out. Note that the person can easily turn off this location sharing anytime. Like iPhone owners, Android phone owners too can track their lost phones using some great GPS based apps.

WaveSecure is one such app which can track android phones and even lock down the phone remotely.

Track Someone's Current Mobile Number Location Free Online using GPS and IMEI

Another such app is MobileDefense which is also free or you can use LinkOkay. I suggest you check out these Android security apps and install one of them for your own good before it is too late. This is available for all android devices running OS version 2. The tracking is enabled by default, but in order to erase the phone remotely, one has to follow few steps as described here. You can log in to your Google account and remotely install the app called Plan B on your lost smartphone from any computer.

Assuming your phone is somehow connected to the internet, the app must be able to automatically install on your phone and when the installation is complete, it should send the current location info to your Gmail account.

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Prey is a popular phone tracking software which is free to use for up to three devices which includes both phones and PCs. If you want to track more devices, you can choose one of the many paid plans available.

About Mologogo

This is best used before you lose your phone. All you need to do is sync your devices with it, sit back, and relax. It runs discreetly in the background, and whenever your phone goes missing, you can simply log into a computer and start tracking your phone. You can even get reports with pictures taken from your device, lock your device remotely or trigger a loud alarm.

It did, and the realization came, this miraculous satellite technology was available and affordable to pretty much anyone, not to mention totally fun. Shortly thereafter "Mologogo" named for Mobile Location, uh, Go! The blogs caught on, the press took a closer look, and Simon coded up a version for Windows Mobile smart phones. Chuck and Jason burned the midnight oil, and ignored their lovely and patient wives and children on weekends to pursue the goal of popularizing location based services. With millions of waypoints recorded along the way, and tens of thousand really awesome registered users, Mologogo became a genuine home-grown, earth-bound, internet phenomenon.

Before long, the smart phone revolution took place, and cheap feature phones that could do GPS became as silly as carrying a separate music player or a digital camera. Newscore contributed to this report. We need to consult them and stay at work as well. Your logs are safely stored in your private Mobile Spy account which is accessible from anywhere in the world using a username and password you create.

Comprehensive Computer Monitoring Software

You will be able to see his level of commitment in about 2 months or less. Spy phone software for mobile phones.

Before I go any further, let me address a mologogo cell phone tracking that most customers tend to have. Even if those Bluetooth mobile spy products could work, you would still have to access the target phone to pair the two devices. Child Tisa C.

Mologogo cell phone tracking - best spy apps

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Our system uploads the data using GPRS with no traces or hidden fees. Child Gerry U. Mobistealth Cell Phone Monitoring Software empowers you to get the answers you truly want and deserve. Including a host of advanced surveillance features for parents and employers, our Cell Phone monitoring Software tracks all cell phone activities and sends the information back to your Mobistealth user account.